DSE Licence Reform Project - definition of commercial activity

B. Commercial activity is to be defined as providing
services or goods as a trade or business, or for hire
or reward. It includes any guided or chartered tour,
course, or transport on public land managed by Parks
Victoria, DSE or other land manager, where one or
more of the following applies:
• An entry, participation or membership fee is
collected to cover indirect expenses (advertising,
purchase or replacement equipment) as well as
direct expenses (food, transportation, prizes etc).
Donations are considered fees if they exceed direct
• Guides or leaders are paid or compensated for
providing the service; and
• The activity, course, tour or transport is provided
free of charge but in conjunction with another
commercial product or service.
C. Where the activities of non-profit and charitable
organisations, incorporated associations, or other legal
entities meet the above criteria, such organisations are
considered to be undertaking commercial activity and
require a licence.

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